is good enough for us! Our assortment includes only the freshest fish and the highest quality seafood.


About the company line

Montefish d.o.o. company was established in 2001 in Tivat. Initially, we dealt only with catching fresh fish, but during the time we expanded our activity to production, import, export, packaging, and distribution of fresh and frozen fish and seafood.

Our imperative is top quality products. That’s why our breeding is placed on Verige in the cleanest part of Boka Kotorska, because clean sea water is the basic requirement for high-quality fish and shells farming.

Our constant desire for improvement and the adoption of new knowledge, business improvements, as well as continuous investment in human resources and technology, are a guarantee that our customers will receive fresh, high-quality and safe products.

The speed and quality of our service are confirmed by HACCP (2010) certification, as well as numerous awards at food fairs. We are also working on ISO 9001 standard implementation, which will enable us to manage business processes even better than now. These are the reasons why we can say that we are successfully striving to our goal – to become a leading company in Montenegro in the field of production and trade of fresh and frozen fish.



Fast and accurate delivery is done by vehicles equipped with the most modern refrigeration systems.



Fresh fish comes to your table straight from the sea depths.



We are especially proud of fresh Gilt-head bream and Sea bass, as well as shells, mussels and Oysters from our own production.



The most delicious meals in many restaurants and hotels are the best confirmation of the quality of our products.

Our business is managed by a passion for high-quality seafood. And we do not make compromises about that. One of our most important rules is that we deliver only where we can arrive in a maximum of four hours. That is the only way to ensure that products delivered to our customers are almost as fresh as they were taken from the sea.

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A wide selection of products line

In addition to catching on the open sea, since 2013 we have started our own fish and seafood production. Although it was a big challenge that requires significant time and much attention, our willingness and desire to develop our company have paid off. Today, we successfully breed Sea bass and Gilt-head bream, and on our plantations grow shells and mussels which are, due to the ideal location of our farms, of exceptional quality.

In addition to fresh and frozen fish (whole or in fillets), our offer includes salted and marinated fish and seafood, Asian sushi program, shells, mushrooms, olive oil, spices, teas, as well as an exclusive program like caviar.